6/18....Everything is back to normal now.  Tuesday 6/23 class begins at 6pm with a new set of dances.  I will be teaching several dances from past sessions and a few new ones.  We will also be practicing the dances for the Corvette Car Show in August.

Dances to be taught 6/23 to 7/7:  Beginner:  American Kids by Randy Pelletier, Dear Future Hubby by John Dembiec, Shut Up & Dance EZ by Lynn Card, Jo's Mixer by Jo Thompson Szymanski, Fireball (Easy) by Martha Thibeault, Mustang Sally by Martie Papendorf.........Improver Dances:  Homegrown by Rachael McEnaney, Love Will Keep by Vickie Schermbeck, All About Tonight by Dan Albro, Makita by Kate Sala & Robbie McGowan Hickie, & Tell The World by Robbie McGowan Hickie.
Also we will practice "Honey I'm Good" by Donna Manning, "Turn the Beat Around" by Rob Fowler & Dee Musk and "A Little Sweet" by Dan Albro.

Thank you all for your understanding for last week.

Please bring a friend or family member to class and show them how much fun line dancing is.

With Gratitude, Blessings & Hugs
Gwen & David
Dance From the Heart with JOY!
6/10/15..........Important Notice.......No line dance class on Tuesday 6/16/15....Mr Moore pastor of the church emailed me this week, saying they need the church building on that Tuesday evening.

We will be back in class in the Church on 6/23/15.......I will add the new dances for the next 3 week session in the next few days.

Let's fill the building with line dancers on the 6/23 and beyond.

with Gratitude,
Gwen & David
5/25/15.......Here are the dances I will be teaching the next 3 weeks.
Beginners: Baby, I'm Right by Dan Albro, A Kind of Hush by Juliet Lam, Long Stretch of Love by Amy Auger, Parma, & Dee Blansett, and Sangria Kisses by Donna Manning.
Improvers: Hangover Tonight by Darren Bailey, Shut up and Dance by Jill Weiss, Down To The Wire by Julia Wetzel and Already Callin' You Mine by Gwen Walker.
We will also practice Honey I'm Good, A Little Sweet, Sugar Wedding and Turn the Beat Around for the Corvette Car Show in August.

Please bring a friend with you and let's get more people Dancing.

Hope to see you in class or on the Dance Floor at Mustang Alley.

With Gratitude,
Blessings & Hugs,
Gwen & David
Dance From the Heart with JOY.
4/24/15...We had a great 3 weeks of learning new dances, new dancers coming to class to give us a try and several dancers returning after being gone for a while.  Thank you all so much for your continuing support..

We donated $260.00 to the Rogers Meals on Wheels, last week.  I received a letter from them today, saying Thank you and how much they appreciate our donations.  Let's keep paying forward with our donations to our communities, Dancers.  Thank you.

Dances I will be teaching the next 3 weeks are: Beginners;  Wolf Cub Stroll by Knox Rhine & Jenifer Wolf, Cowgirl Hustle by Unknown, Future Husband by K. Sholes ( the intermediate class is learning a dance to same song for floor split),&  Downtown by Margaret Morrison.  Improver; Big, Big, Bang! by Rick Dominguez, Down To The Wire by Julia Wetzel, & Little Lady Bug by Tina Argyle.   Keepers;  No Other Rider by Donna Manning & All About A Woman by Maggie Gallagher.   We will also practice the dances for the car show in August.

Please spread the word about dance class and bring a friend or family member.  The more we can introduce to line dancing the more fun we can share with others.

Thanks again for sharing time and your donations to Teach 3 Line Dance Class.

With Gratitude, Hugs & Blessings
Gwen & David
Dance from the Heart with JOY!

4/6/15....Tuesday 4/7  starts a new 3 week set of dances. 

Here are the dances I will be teaching:  Beginners; Easy Does it by Rick & Deborah Bates, The Train by Unknown, Love Repeats by Michele Burton, Sun Daze by Donna Manning, Cookout Time by Betty Moses, Closing Time by Aline Goodman & Sue Ann Ehmann, and Country Wizard by Judy Rice (a contra dance).  Improver Dances;  Cecilia by Willie Brown & Heather Barton, Summertime Strolling by Kathy Brown, Honey, I'm Good by Donna Manning, and if time permits Move That Groove by Tina Argyle & All About Tonight by Dan Albro.

We have been having a great crowd of dancers the last few weeks.  I appreciate each and everyone coming and learning the steps & dances.  Please spread the word about the class, let's fill the dance floor with lots of dancers.  I would love the bring back Line Dancing in NWA to full speed.

We do have a place to dance every Saturday night at Mustangs Alley in Jane, Mo just across the Missouri Border.  A fun place with a live band and I teach dance lessons there every Saturday night from 7 to 8 and at band break from 9:30 to 10:00.   I incorporate the dances I teach at Teach 3 dance and match as many as I can to the music the band plays.  It is a family Dance Hall,  non drinking,  non smoking inside with a snack counter, pools tables and other games for the kids if they don't want to dance.  Large Dance Floor for all types of dancers to share.  Owners Ron & Peggy Ruckman would love to see you there.  www.mustangsalley.blogspot.com for directions or give them a call if you plan on bringing a large group.  This is a great place for a birthday party, anniversary party or any kind of celebration you would like dancing in the mix. 

Please tell someone about Teach 3 line dance class every Tuesday night from 6 to 8,  $2.00 donation at the door, $1.00 goes to charities in NWA and $1.00 for expenses of keeping the class going.
All donations are appreciated and put to good use.

I hope to see you and meet you on the Dance Floor.

With Gratitude,
Hugs & Blessings,
Gwen and David
Dance From the Heart with JOY!!!!

3/11/15....We have had great attendance at dance class.  Thank you so much for your continuing support and dancing with me every week.

March 17th starts a new set of line dances I will be teaching for the next 3 weeks.  Beginners: Wrapped Up Baby by Annemaree Sleeth, Move That Groove by Tina Argyle, Lips are Movin by Annemaree Sleeth, EZ Freestyle by Amy Christian.   Improvers :  Wanna Samba by John Dembiec,  Cecilia by Willie Brown & Heather Barton, Sun Daze by Donna Manning, Sweetness by Steve Lescarbeu & Dancin' Dean.

I will also be teaching Turn the Beat Around and Honey, I'm Good.

Please tell someone about dance class the more we get involved in dancing the more we get to dance.

With Gratitude & Hugs
Gwen & David
Dance From the Heart With JOY
2/17/15..... No line dance class tonight,  School Closed today.

We should be back on track next Tuesday to dance.   The dances I will be teaching are: Simply Counting Stars by Stephen Gell, Mexicoma by Dan Albro, Fireball (easy) by Marthe thibeault, Hey Baby! by Larry Bass, Caught in the Moonlight by Rachael McEnaney, Shaggy Sailor by Sue Ann Ehmann, EZ Shuffle by Larry Bass, All About Tonight by Dan Albro, Honey, I'm Good Contra Dance by Donna Manning.

We had a great time in Kansas City,  I brought back several great Intermediate dances to teach to the intermediate class.  The beginners I saw I have already been teaching. 

I will so keep teaching my newest choreograph line dance and I begin teaching Turn The Beat Around. 

Be Safe, Stay Warm
With Gratitude & Blessings
Gwen & David
Dance from the Heart with JOY