10/29/15.......Thank you all for your continuing support of Teach 3 Line Dance Class.  I appreciate each and everyone of you very much.

Dances I will be teaching during the month of November are:  Baby, I'm Right by Dan Albro, Kick It by Severine Fillion, Hold On To by Rosie Multari, Little Red Book by Dee Musk, Go Strait by Darren Bailey, That's My Kinda Night by Paul Miller, Junior Geronimo by Gaye Teather, Cry Cry Cry by Francien Sittrop, and  Black Mercedes by Dan Albro.

I taught Drink on it and So Gone for two weeks , we will do those two dances one more time, both are keepers to bring back again.  Last Tuesday I taught "Daddy Long Legs" by Larry Bass, next month I will teach the other dance by Larry Bass, "Grand Daddy Long Legs".  I did a reteach of Homegrown by Rachael McEnaney, and I will be doing several reteaches of the dances we like to keep them alive in our minds.

During the whole month of DECEMBER only Teach 3 line dance class will take a Holiday break.
Classes will start back up on the first Tuesday in January. 

Intermediate classes will still be every Monday nights 7 to 8pm during December.  Right now the intermediate class is learning "Hit the Base".  I have several other high intermediate dances lined up to teach in November and December.  This is a great class to improve your line dancing skills.

2016 is going to be the year of Line Dancing in NW Arkansas, this is my intention to bring more awareness to others line dancing is a great way to move your body.  Line dancing is great for your Mind, Body and Spirit.

I am available for private lessons, email for time available.

With Gratitude & Hugs
Gwen & David
10/8/15....Happy Dancing Everyone.  Tuesday 10/13 starts a new session of dances.

The Dances I will be teaching;
6345789 by Audri R, Mama Loo by Maria Maag, Deep Rolling by Marie Sorensen,  Forgive Me Girl by Pat Stott,  and the Warm Up Dance is My Boyfriend's Back by Ilona Tessmer-Willis.

Improver Dances:
Hootenanny by John Robinson, Take U Home by Junior Willis, Rain Is A Good Thing by Gwen Walker and Restart by Gwen Walker.

At break time I will play the music to several dances we have done in the past, the whole class not just the intermediate class.  This way everyone can dance at break if you chose to.

With winter not to far away, Remember the rule of thumb:  If schools are closed in Rogers, Bentonville, & Springdale, class will be closed too.

Thank you all who come to class every week for your continuing support of our communities Meals on Wheels programs.

With Gratitude & Hugs,
Gwen & David
Dance from the heart with JOY.
9/18/15....A new 3 week set of dances start on Tuesday 9/22,  Please come join in the line dance fun and movement. 

I have chosen a new warm of dance that is my surprise for the class with the dance and the song it goes to. 
Beginner dances: Lips Are Movin by Annemaree Sleeth, Day Drinking by Donna Manning, Make Me Wanna by Brandon Zahorsky.
Improvers:  She Just Wants to Dance by Gail A. Dawson, Hot Kisses by Donna Manning, It's High Time by Robbie McGowan Hickie & Tony Vassell, Blue Skies by Jamie Marshall, Shama Lama Ding Dong by Jo Thompson Szymanski, Take U Home by Junior Willis.

All fun exciting dances, several of the dances I have chosen I have taught before.  I am keeping the fresh for everyone Hopefully.

Please help me keep Teach 3 Line Dance Class alive and thriving, attendance has been down the last few weeks.  Bring a friend or family member with you to class or invite someone back to try it again.

Thank you for you Continuing Support of our cause and the reason for the class donations, to help the areas Meals On Wheels programs.

With Gratitude & Hugs
Gwen & David
Dance from the Heart with JOY!!!!!!!
8/30/15   Tuesday starts a new set dances from 9/1 to 9/15 classes:

Beginner Dances: Canadian Stomp  by Michael Beck, Gleeful Waltz by Frank Trace, You Never Know by Randy Pelletier, Just One Look by Bobbey Wilson,

Improver Dances: Lay Low by Darren Bailey, You Make My Heart Go by Brenna Stith, & Alligator Walk by Larry Bass.

$284.00 was donated to Springdale Meals on Wheel from money donated over the last four months of dance class.  Thank you Everyone / Dancers.

With Gratitude
Blessings & Hugs
Gwen & David

Dance from the Heart with JOY
8/11/15.......Tonight starts a new set of dances for the next 3 weeks. 

I will be teaching several dances from past classes and a bonus teach of 2 dances to one song at the same time.  (think about that for a moment).   We will also be  practicing the dances for the show on August 22nd at 11:am at the Summer's End Corvette Car Show at the Promenade Mall in Rogers, AR.

Dances to be taught:  Bonus teach Dances (surprise), Country As Can Be, Do You Wanna Dance, The Bomp, Have you Seen the Rain, & Down to the Wire.  If time permits in the first hour of class, all or some of these dances will be taught.
Show dances:  A Little Sweet / Sugar Wedding, Turn the Bear Around, Honey I'm Good, No Vacancy will be danced the 2nd hour of class.

Please bring a friend and introduce them to the fun of Line Dancing.

With Gratitude,
Gwen & David
Dance from the Heart with JOY!!!!!!!
7/10/15...Tuesday 7/14  starts a new 3 week session of dances. 

Beginner Dances:  Little Mr P.I.D by Rachael McEnaney-White & Trevor Thornton, The Country Fair Cha Cha by Lisa M Johns-Grose, Soul Shine Pizza by Rob Fowler & Until The Dawn by Gary Lafferty. 
Improver Dances: Every Star by Doreen Ollari & Randy Pelletier, No Vacancy by Trevor Thornton, & Do You Wanna A Dance by Marie Sorensen.

We will also practice the dances for the show on August 22nd: A Little Sweet & Sugar Wedding,  Turn the Beat Around & Honey, I'm Good.

Please come join in the fun of line dancing,  it is a great way to add movement to your life without going to the gym. 
Hope to see you soon on the Dance Floor.

With Gratitude, Blessings & Hugs,
Gwen & David
Dance from the Heart with JOY!